Saturday, July 9, 2011

justin bieber 2011

justin bieber 2011 photoshoot with new haircut

justin bieber new hair cut

justin bieber wallpaper

This is for you who is a fan of the new world of pop music sensation Justin Bieber. Came a collection of the most beautiful wallpapers to make your computer with the face of his favorite singer. You can download them completely free.
Enough to be searching the Internet for wallpaper for your idol. Well below you will find this collection with the most entertaining and beautiful wallpapers by Justin Bieber:

justin bieber cool style

justin bieber thee best pose

justin bieber with him smile,cute and nice

justin bieber cool style and the best pose

justin bieber use hat

Apple realized long time ago that it is bad if the cell service provider has too much freedom, puts too much **** on the phone and customizes it in ways that it is no longer maintainable ... they got bashed as being too closed.

But now people finally realize they were right:
- android is getting too fragmented because service providers are either too slow to provide updates or refuse to update at all for current phones
- microsoft just realed an update to their mobile7 - guess what: service providers are too slow to update the brand new phones - weeks after the MS release they still need many more weeks to 'test' and 'adjust' for their phones

What good is it to have an OS that claims to be 'open' but you still can't get updates because the openess was abused by service providers who struggle to re-adding their

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