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Spy Kids 4 all the time in the world

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World
(often referred to as Spy Kids 4D, also known as Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World,Spy Kids 4D: All the Time in the World and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World 4D) is an upcoming American 4D action-adventure family film directed by Robert Rodriguez and the fourth installment in the Spy Kids series. 

It is currently set to be released on August 19, 2011. Filming began on October 27, 2010. It will be the first of the series that uses "Aromascope" that allows people to smell odors and aromas from the film via scratch & sniff cards (reminiscent of the infamous 1960s Smell-O-Vision) last used theatrically in the 2003 animated film Rugrats Go Wild.

PLOT  : The film revolves around twins named Rebecca and Cecil (Rowan Blanchard and Mason Cook), who have no respect for their stepmom, Marissa (Jessica Alba), the wife of spy-hunting reporter Wilbur Wilson (Joel McHale). Unbeknown to the twins, Marissa is a retired agent for the OSS (Organization of Super Spies) which has since become the world's top spy agency and former HQ of the now-defunct Spy Kids division.

When Earth is threatened by an organization led by a hyperion mastermind known as "the Timekeeper" (Jeremy Piven), she is contacted and called back into action by the OSS, leaving a red-sapphire necklace (the key to the Timekeeper's plan) with Rebecca. However, with the end of the world pending and the necklace stolen by the Timekeeper, both Rebecca and Cecil find that they have no choice but take part in the battle, help Marissa, and put their anger against her aside to rescue people's lives that are at stake while enlisting the help of the previous Spy Kids Carmen and Juni Cortez (Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara).


Rowan Blanchard as Rebecca Wilson
Mason Cook as Cecil Wilson
Jessica Alba as Marissa Wilson
Joel McHale as Wilbur Wilson
Alexa Vega as Carmen Cortez
Daryl Sabara as Juni Cortez
Antonio Banderas as Gregorio Cortez(Uncredited)
Danny Trejo as Isador "Machete" Cortez
Belle and Genny Solorzano as Spy Baby (talking voice by Sarah Stewart)
Jeremy Piven as Danger D'Amo / Tick Tock / Time Keeper
Ricky Gervais as the voice of Argonaut

Spy Kids 4 all the time in the world Photos

Production on the film was officially announced on September 25, 2009, six years after the release of Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, by Dimension Films. The script for the film was completed by Robert Rodriguez in December 2009. The title for the film was officially revealed as Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World on March 24, 2010 as well as an August 2011 release window, which was later updated to an August 19, 2011 release date. Filming for the movie began in October 2010. The teaser was released on May 26, 2011 during Kung Fu Panda 2 and June 3, 2011 during X-Men: First Class.

Robert Rodriguez was prompted by an incident on the set of Machete to start envisioning a fourth film in the Spy Kids series. Star Jessica Alba had her then-one year old baby Honor Marie and was dressed to appear on camera when her diaper "exploded". Watching Alba change the diaper while trying not to get anything on her clothes prompted Rodriguez to think "What about a spy mom?"

Zac Efron girlfriend

While we were under the impression that Zac Efron was the one who had broken up with girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, it seems it may have been the other way around! According to reports, Zac is trying everything he can to get Vanessa back. According to a source who spoke with Us Weekly:

Zac Efron is a man with Great Talent.He is an American Actor.He First Acting Since early 2000 and became known to Young Audiences after he roles in the Disney Channel Original Movie High Musical School,The WB series Summerland and the Version Film Broadway Musical Hairspray (2007).

Efron has since starred in the films 17 Again, Me and Orson Welles, and Charlie St. Cloud, and is due to star in New Year's Eve and The Lucky One.Efron was second on People's 2011 Most Beautiful list. On 2011 year Efron to star in the title role of the live-action adaptation of the Jonny Quest cartoons.

Additional projects include Einstein Theory and an adaptation of Fire, by Image Comics.And Efron also set to star produce the American remake of Swedish crime film Easy Money. Efron Got a lots Award from his best performances on Film and best Performer about Himself..i very happy with Zac Efron and i waited for what else the talent in this post you can see picture of Zac Efron.let's see and enjoy Zac Efron Pictures...:)

Zac Efron Sexy Eyes

Cool Pose Zac Efron

Zac Efron Blonde Hairstyle

Zac Efgron Best Smile

 Zac Efron Sharp Eyes

Zac Efron BVlack and White Photos

Zac Efron Look Handsome with Blue Clothes

Best Pose Zac Efron 

Zac Efron on the Coat

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Beyonce is Pregnant

R&B singer Beyonce Have Happy News on 2011 year  . At Los Angeles August 28 , 2011  MTV video music awards as she posed for photos on the red carpet she hinted  Paparazi that she's got "a surprise. The ‘Single Ladies’  singer smiled and  look so happy .  

When she end performing her new single Love on Top , she tossed her mic, popped open her sequined D&G jacket and rubbed her belly, proudly unveiling her baby on publicly. Beyonce currently 5 months pregnant . 

The crowd went ballistic offered beaming a congratulatory
Beyonce and husband Jay Z very expecting their first child. Jay Z already predict the sex of the baby in a  song and he created his verse.

 Beyonce will be an incredible mother, because she's always been motherly. this will be the first child for Beyonce, 29, and her husband, 41-year-old Jay-Z The couple married in April 2008 in New York.

Beyonce look so beautiful with orange Dress

Beyonce and Jay Z Match Couple

Beyonce Confirms Pregnancy to Publicly 

Beyonce Cute Smile 

Beyonce R & B Singer

Beyonce Hot Pose

Beyonce Hairstyle


David Beckham employs armed guards

David Beckham want to keep protect his Family with Employs Armed guards. David is a famous Atlete which married with fashionista Victoria Beckham and has four child Brooklyn 12, Romeo 8 ,Cruz 6 and the last child Harper .

David and his Family go to shores of Malibu, California for surfing this weekend. When he and family enjoy the waves the armed guards always keep his safety and without unnoticed by most passersby.

freelance photographer Mike Kamara disclose to British newspaper The Daily Star that he don't see (the guard) then he see david walked him to holded son's toy's .

The armed guards look carrying a gun . David and family have been spending time on the beach since renting out movie director Steven Spielberg's oceanside mansion for the summer.

David Beckham and Son's in the beach

David Beckham photography her son's

David Beckham Sexy Body 

David Beckham Best Father

David Beckham Sharp Eyes

David Beckham Unique Hairstyle

Victoria & David Beckham Post Family Pics

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Ricky Martin - Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tú

Musica Letra Video Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Eres Tu de Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin llevaba un nudo en su garganta, un peso en el alma, y ahora se libero, se siente bien, e hizo esta canción...nada mas puedo decir...bien por el.

En Musicapor1000 te tenemos lo mejor de la música mundial, sus grandes éxitos, sus clásicos inolvidables, los artistas que la llevan hoy en día, todo para que los escuches con un gran sonido, los veas en sus mejores videos, y leas las letras de sus temas, traducidos y en su idioma original.

Y ahora te dejamos con este tema con su mejor sonido, letra traducida, en su idioma original, y por supuesto su video.

Si te gusto este tema musical, y quieres compartirlo en tu Facebook o Twitter, pues ahora te será fácil hacerlo, solo debes clikear los botones que se encuentran al final de cada post, y listo, desde allí podrás compartirlo con tu amor, amigos, o conocidos.

Letra de Lo Mejor De Mi Vida Eres Tu :
yo me siento al fin feliz
la tristeza no es para mi
y que me importa lo que vivi
si me regalan el futuro
no lo quiero sin ti
ay no me digas no
si escondes algo damelo
porque llego la hora de estar conmigo
pues el destino asi lo escribio
si es amor abrazame con ganas,
si no lo es tal vez sera mañana
estando juntos mi mundo se llena de luz
lo mejor de mi vida eres tu
ohhh ohhhh
me voy de fiesta si quieres ir
de buenos aires hasta madrid
y sin dormirnos acabar con paris
te juro que jamas te vas a arrepentir
ay no me digas no,si escondes algo damelo
porque llego la hora de estar conmigo
pues el destino asi lo escribio
si es amor abrazame con ganas
si no lo es, tal vez sera mañana
estando juntos mi mundo se llena de luz
lo mejor de mi vida eres tu
eres tu
damelo damelo baby
lo mejor lo mejoor.
eres tuu
sueltate el pelo y juega entre las olas
sobre la arena a la orilla del mar
preparate que la noche no perdona
ven que nos vamos en marcha otra vez

porque llego la hora de estar conmigo
pues el destino asi lo escribio
si es amor abrazame con ganas
si no lo es tal vez sera mañana
estando juntos mi mundo se llena de luz
lo mejor de mi vida eres tu
eres tuu

lo mejor lo mejor lo mejor de mi vida eres tu
lo mejor de mi vida eres tu...
lo mejor de mi vida eres tu...
lo mejor de mi vida eres tu...
damelo, damelo baby

Christina Aguilera’s Son Max Has A Black Eye!

Christina Aguilera’s Son Max Has A Black Eye! Oh No, What Happened?

Rumors swirled when the three-year-old was spotted with a nasty black eye at LAX on Tuesday, August 23. Some even suggested his mom was to blame!

 There’s a much more innocent explanation to Max Bratman‘s badly bruised face — he tripped while chasing squirrels in the park! It looks painful — get well soon Max!

Gossips speculated that the tot’s injuries were linked to mom Christina Aguilera‘s “erratic behavior and alleged booze-filled outings,” reports

But the singer has told friends Max fell over while playing with a nanny last week and landed on a rock. Ouch!

A source tells TMZ the brave little boy was taken to a doctor who confirmed there were no broken bones or stitches required.

And there’s no suggestion Christina is anything other than a caring mommy. The source insists, ”Christina is a great mom … Max is her #1 priority.”