Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jean-baptiste Maunier

Jean-baptiste Maunier

Name:Jean-baptiste Maunier
Birthday:22 december 1990 
Hobbies: playing tennis, football and skateboarding and also playing the drums
Jean-baptiste maunier is a singer/actor in France. He first appeared in the movie, Les Choristes In the show, he play Pierre Morhange, a delinquent with an exceptional singing voice at the correctional school Fond de L'Etang. The movie made him famous in France.
Nowadays, his voice has deepen due to puberty. Hnecehe doesnt sing as much but has become much more active in acting. 
A more recent movie that he has acted in would be hellphone

Jean-Baptiste Maunier look so strong

This is the photo of Jean-Baptiste Maunier. Jean-Baptiste Maunier was born on 01 Dec 1990 in Brignoles, Var, France. His birth name was Jean-Baptiste Maunier. His is also called JB Jean-Bapt. His height is 184cm.

Les Choristes/The Chorus | Jean-Baptiste Maunier

watched this in our class. it is such a GREAT movie. 
i want to watch it over and over again.

especially love morange [jean-baptiste maunier]
so cute and so talented.

..here he is now..

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