Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Burlesque Movie

One new news from Christina Aguilera, she is now be an actress in "Burlesque movie", in this pages u can know all about this movie, and also you can find a clip from this movie. Let's see and enjoy this movie . . . . .

How's the Story?
Ali Rose is an energetic young woman whose best days are ahead of her. The Burlesque Lounge is a tired old theater whose best days are behind it. Little do they both know, they are made for each other. When Ali falls in love with the shows at the Burlesque, owner Tess gives Ali a job as a cocktail waitress. As Ali serves drinks and watches the girls onstage, she dreams of one day stealing the spotlight. When at last Tess allows Ali to unleash her talents, the lives of everyone at the club are changed forever.

Three Good Reasons:
* 1 Have "Glee" and "Dancing With the Stars" got you hooked on sexy, theatrical musical numbers? Time to kick it up a notch with this big-screen burlesque bonanza.
* 2 The legendary Cher is joined by vocal powerhouse Christina Aguilera, who has written four new songs just for the film.
* 3 Given the large quantity of women in the film wearing a small quantity of clothes, you may even be able to talk that musical-hating man of yours into tagging along.

More Inoformation about this movie :

*Release Date : November 24, 2010
*MPAA Rating : PG-13 for sexual content including several suggestive dance routines, partial nudity, language and some thematic material
*Actor and Actress : Cher, Christina Aguilera, Eric Dane, Cam Gigandet, Julianne Hough, Alan Cumming
*Directed by : Steven Antin

Other Information about this movie:


Drama and Musical/Performing Arts


Sony Pictures Releasing

Production Co.:

De Line Pictures


Los Angeles, California, USA

Produced in:
United States

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