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Daddy Yankee said in the interview, that when he met McCain about two years ago, el Cangri, was moved by McCain’s saying that in war he had met many Latinos who were dying for the U.S. and that moved Daddy Yankee. It seems though that Daddy Yankee wants it both ways though, because he said he was against the war in Iraq and current Bush policy.

Instead of tackling the issue with fervor, Ramos throws Daddy Yankee a softball when it comes to the issue of Puerto Rico and status. Instead of asking for example, what role does a Puerto Rican, who is a U.S. citizen by birth but cannot vote for the president, have when he endorses a nominee? Ramos asked if Daddy Yankee felt first that he was Puerto Rican or a U.S. citizen. Daddy Yankee answered positively that Puerto Rico was his country, except, according to the U.S. it isn’t a country.
The interview left me confused as to Daddy Yankee’s motivations behind his endorsement of McCain. Hmm but thinking back on all that bling Daddy Yankee was sporting, diamonds hanging off his arms, neck, and ears while talking about the poverty and lack of options in the caserios of Puerto Rico, maybe it’s clearer than I thought.

Daddy Yankee Clutches Drug Money

PRO: Daddy Yankee will perform for anybody! And anybody includes street pharmacists aka drug dealers aka the mofos who run a lot of Latin America. Big freakin’ deal. It’s a recession mi gente and the next worst thing from being a reggaeton artist is probably, well, nothing. Music sales are down and El Cangri will tell you, “If Lil Wayne can be an undiscriminating tramp when it comes to collabos why can’t I?”

Daddy Yankee

Misschien kennen jullie hem wel van "Gasolina", want Daddy Yankee is hier niet zo echt bekend in Europa. Oké misschien wel in Spanje omdat hij in het Spaans zingt, maar hier in België hoor je er heeel weinig van. Daddy Yankee brengt binnenkort een nieuw album uit genaamd "El Cartel The Big Boss". Het zal natuurlijk wel weer allemaal te doen zijn in de muziekstijl reggaeton. Je komt meer over hem te weten op

Look for El Jefe to guest star in an upcoming story arc on CBS’, The Bold and The Beautiful. You can catch Daddy on the show starting June 1 lasting until June 7th in a Reggaeton themed storyline where he’ll also perform his single, Que Es La Que Hay. Here’s a breakdown of the storyline:

“The story takes place during a raucous party full of young people who are ready to take a break from the scholarly pursuits of high school. We conceived it as a modern urban take on a masquerade ball,” says Emmy-winning Executive Producer and Head Writer Bradley P. Bell.

Daddy Yankee’s hypnotic thump is the perfect intoxicating elixir to entice some of the characters into doing things they might not ordinarily do. The consequences for the Forrester family will be devastating, leading to some of the series’ most dramatic situations yet.”

Don’t miss it!


For a while Jorge Ramos danced around the issue of Daddy Yankee’s political endorsement, instead talking about his movie/cd Talento del Barrio, that has the novel story line of a young Rican making it out of the caserios via his music.
When Jorge Ramos finally asks about the endorsement, Daddy Yankee said it was based on McCain’s position on immigration. Someone please get Daddy Yankee a clue.


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