Monday, September 26, 2011

francesc fabregas girlfriend

Cesc Fabregas and Carla Dona in Italy
Arsenal Player and his gorgeous girlfriend Carlo Dona took some time off to get up close and personal with each other in Capri, Italy....looks like there having a good time.Young Gunner Febregas is a super Midfield player, Frankly by far the best youngster who controls the strings from the midfield, but off field he is as good as any body and he has a partner in his girlfriend Named Carla Cutie who is a spanish national. They have been dating for quite a long time, and i expect them to tie the knott in near future as he would want to settle down abit. Here are some more pics of the couple enjoying a day out in the summer.
francesc fabregas with girlfriend making out after a swim
francesc fabregas with girlfriend smile together
francesc fabregas girlfriend kiss bye for fans
francesc fabregas with girlfriend walking together
francesc fabregas girlfriend date

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