Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kesha Tik Tok

I wanted to clarify my last opinion on the irony of this video. First, consider it's cyclical nature, that she awakes in a beautiful bathtub and ends up in a rather, well, tub one would rather not awake in. Also, it should be obvious that the handlebar moustache golden T-bird driving fellow is the anti-thesis of cool in our era. His t-shirt is a modified Miami Vice one from the 80s, but it says "dirt" instead. There is an upside down U.S. flag in the party background. We are upside down. Irony

Kesha SO LOOK cool and pale face because without makeup
Kesha so look beautyfull
Kesha in syuting tik tok

Kesha vidio tik tok
Kesha exprestion
Kesha in miror
Kesha style

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